The Cosmic Reconfiguration

by Throng of Shoggoths

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released October 11, 2015

Andrew Young: lead and backing vocals, rhythm and lead guitar, E-Bow, creeper piano, accordion, and sequencers

Saíd López: drums, tambourine, woodblock, frog, and chanting

Deon Wills:
fretted and fretless basses

Etzar Cisneros:
rhythm and lead guitar

John Bella:
DX7; Mellotron, Hammond, and pipe organ VSTs; chanting; and "motherfucker!" shout

Mike Johnson: guest backing vocals, chanting, sequencers, and sound effects

Drums, rhythm guitar, and "Nyarlathotep" bass recorded at The Witch House, March to June 2014.

Keyboards, lead guitar, percussion, and vocals recorded at Penguin Studios, June to August 2014.

Bass recorded at Penguin Studios, August 2014 (fretless) and February 2015 (fretted).

Engineered by Mike Johnson.

Mixed and mastered at Penguin Studios by Mike Johnson.

Produced by Andrew Young and Mike Johnson.

All songs composed by Andrew Young.

Additional arrangements by Saíd López, Deon Wills, Etzar Cisneros, John Bella, Kyle Smith, Chris Hendrix, Tim Boykin, and Allen Eaton.

Art direction, text, and layout by Andrew Young.

Cover illustration, Chaosogram emblem, Tentacle Star, and Throng of Shoggoths logo by Andrew Young.

"Sovereign of the Cosmic Sea" centerpiece by Deon Wills.

Band photography by Kyle Smith.

Tentacle illustration from Kunstformen der Natur by Ernst Haeckel, 1904, public domain.

Venus photograph by NASA, 1991, public domain.

All songs and original artwork copyright 2015 Throng of Shoggoths.


all rights reserved



Throng of Shoggoths Birmingham, Alabama

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Track Name: Invocation
Track Name: Spawning the Spores of Malediction
The Icon of Fertility
Appears majestically before us
It rises above all finite,
Decaying, crumbling, dying life
The Black Goat with a Thousand Young,
An avatar of a formless cloud of creation
Cosmic matter, exotic energy
Self-organizing signatures initiate

On one side of mirror-truth
Stands the Ram of Masculine Strength
Beyond your sight in the ether,
The Procreation Principle of Feminine Wrath
Her cilia reach into this world
And her representative is, to us,
A beast of religious persecution,
Drawing in those strange enough to be her mates

Scattering seeds of alien substance,
A force that shapes all that's near
Distorted to take on other forms:
Properties visible in other dimensions
The ram impregnates its offering,
And, in so doing, triggers an opposite
For the offspring will cross the threshold
And be birthed from the misery fog

Spawning the spores of malediction
Track Name: The Malevolent One Walks Among Us
A superimposed image of reality
Fades as we exhume the mirage
And the beast from the cosmic void
Speaks like us, looks like us

He demonstrates his power
And sours dreams in his wake
To challenge him is to bring
Devastation upon us all


We are the insects of the cosmos,
On a tiny rock in the ether
We are the grains of sand
From which this temple is built
Track Name: Fhtagn!
Ph'nglui mwgl'nafh
Cthulhu R'yleh
Wgah'nagl fhtagn

Ia! Ia! Cthulhu!
Track Name: The Whippoorwills
Set the scene with a bleeding
Exalt the beast that we're feeding

It appears from her portal
As you feared, now immortal

The simple face will cry
The monstrous body grinds
Through the human hives
But your eyes are blind

As it grows it will hunger
We shall know, announced with thunder

Looks like the mother
But is the father's son
We can't release it
Until our work is done

The simple face will cry
And blood will rise like tide
And after you have died
The whippoorwills will fly
Track Name: Fathomless Sorrow
All severing
All withering
All suffering
Dire misery

Wallow in horror
Flinching in fear
Fathomless sorrow

Drown in fear
Track Name: The Window
The house was old, with tangled wings outthrown,
Of which no one could ever half keep track,
And in a small room somewhat near the back
Was an odd window sealed with ancient stone.
There, in a dream-plagued childhood, quite alone
I used to go, where night reigned vague and black;
Parting the cobwebs with a curious lack
Of fear, and with a wonder each time grown.

One later day I brought the masons there
To find what view my dim forbears had shunned,
But as they pierced the stone, a rush of air
Burst from the alien voids that yawned beyond.
They fled—but I peered through and found unrolled
All the wild worlds of which my dreams had told.
Track Name: Stab You in the Fucking Gut
You cannot run from me
Subhuman, vermin, gutter trash
Fucking useless mortal waste
This is what you deserve!

I'm going to hunt you down,
Back you into a corner
In this dilapidated house,
Surrounded by demonic spirits
Running as fast as you can
Your speed will not avail you
Looking you in the eye,
Stabbing you in the fucking gut

Your pleas don't move me
My hatred will not relent
Begging for your life
Forces me to cut out your tongue
Track Name: Evocation of the Devils from the Deep Waters
Ia-R'lyehl Cihuiha
Flgagnl id Ia!
Y'ha-nthlei awaits me
Come now to these shores

I shall give thee a body,
Thou will shape my flesh
I shall give thee blood,
And thou will transform mine

Ia-R'lyehl Cihuiha
Flgagnl id Ia!
Y'ha-nthlei awaits me
In the depths of the sea

Take me home

Of the deeps

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